Streamlines 2020 AVAILABLE NOW!
Streamlines 2020 AVAILABLE NOW!
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About us

haute bohème is a concept store located in New York City, founded in 2019. It's an eclectic aesthetic and lifestyle that follows the pursuit of a creative life, a creative spirit.
An "haute bohème" seek to erase the difference between work and pleasure, and their living spaces reflects that lack of boundaries. Is nomad by heart, artistic, and free spirit.
They can live part of the year in a New York studio, then on a gallery in Paris, on a boat during the summer and wandering during the winter.
They love technology. They can be designers, bloggers, boutique owners, young entrepreneurs, collectors, curators, artists, chefs, consultants and dreamers.
Their travels, outfits and living spaces inform their eclectic style.  
haute bohème pieces from around the world are carefully curated and selected based on its design aesthetics, quality and functionality.